Book Keeping Services
Tuesday,21st May, 2019. 11:27:07am

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Book Keeping Services

Keeping of proper accounting records is vital to any organisation. - From our experience, we observed that inadequate accounting records or failure to bring the accounting records up to date usually lead to commitment of errors and fraudulent practices. - In order to forestall this, we offer the following services to some of our Clients: - Keeping of all client accounting records on contract basis. - Setting out sound accounting records for the staff to follow. - Assisting clients' staff where they have problem in closing the books of accounts. - Preparation of end-of-the-year account on our own or in conjunction with the client staff. - Designing and supervising implementation of accounting systems to facilitate clients' efficiency in processing management information and controlling of operations. - Writing up accounting and administrative procedure manuals. - Ensuring adherence to the internal check system. We are able to offer a range of services which can help relieve your business of the burden of bookkeeping and accounts work. For a business which cannot afford an in-house accountant it may be more efficient to use our resources. Our services are tailored to individual client needs and include: Annual financial statements incorporating profit & loss account and balance sheet for companies and unincorporated businesses. Management accounts on a regular basis and for whatever period you may require e.g. monthly, quarterly, six monthly, etc. Accounts preparation for specialised areas such as trusts, non-profit making organizations, charities and pension schemes. We are able to maintain a computerized record of clients' books of prime entry from the information supplied to us and prepare the necessary financial information. We can offer help and advice with the installation and operating of well known accounting software packages such as Sage.


OLAJIDE AND ASSOCIATES is a member of BNI and a registered member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and Chartered Institute Of Taxation Of Nigeria


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