Debt Management
Tuesday,21st May, 2019. 11:25:19am

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Debt Management

OUR DEBT SETTLEMENT PROGRAM IS SIMPLE! We will negotiate settlements with your creditors. Our professional negotiators will skillfully negotiate your current level of unsecured debt for you, and essentially you will end up paying a fraction of that total debt.

Affordable monthly payment. A debt consultant, our expert financial solutions will set you up with an affordable monthly payment, which is determined on a client-by-client basis. Based upon what you are able to afford to pay each month into your own third party settlement account, we can determine how many months you will be part of the program and be debt free. We will communicate with your creditors on your behalf throughout the program so you no longer have to deal with burdensome phone calls and letters from your creditors.

We contact your creditors and act as your representative. Upon your enrollment, we will immediately contact each creditor to inform them we are now representing you and your interest in settling the current debt with them. Reaching a settlement usually takes several phone calls and communication between Expert Financial Solutions and the creditor. Once a settlement offer has been reached and agreed by you, we will secure the settlement offer in writing from the creditor, with your authorization the funds will be dispersed from your third party trust account to your creditor.

Once paid, your debt is gone forever. Once the creditor has accepted the payment in full you are free of that debt forever. We will diligently continue to negotiate all of your debts until you are debt free from the burdensome debt you started our program with.

Expert Financial Solutions works on behalf of the clients, not the creditors. Our experienced team of negotiators knows how to save your time and money. Debt settlement may be your best option to become debt free and financially secure.

Call us now at Olajide And Associates or fill out our service order form


OLAJIDE AND ASSOCIATES is a member of BNI and a registered member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and Chartered Institute Of Taxation Of Nigeria


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