Personal Income Taxation
Tuesday,23rd July, 2019. 10:11:10pm

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Personal Income Taxation

With the increase in tax legislation and the burden of self assessment, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals and corporate organizations for take advice on their tax affairs and tax planning.

Olajide and Associates will carry out an inspection of your PAYE tax records on a continuous basis and advise you on area of errors and omissions and correcting same.

We will attend to all bills, levies and rates chargeable by State and Local Governments. We will also procure all necessary registrations papers from the State tax authorities for your organisation. We will Perform all necessary tasks to ensure that all data relating to the emoluments of all company employees and its expatriate staff are maintained as required by the Government tax system.

Olajide and Associates will ensure a proper set up of your P.A.Y.E. income tax records in a way to ensure compliance with State Tax Laws and to avoid embarrassment from the State Tax Authorities.

We will also Procure Tax relief cards for employees and process all staff tax documentation with State tax Authorities.

We can also Remit your company PAYE tax deductions monthly to the State Tax Authorities to avoid penalties.

Olajide and Associates will liaise with the State Government on your behalf in respect of P.A.Y.E and processing on yearly basis the Tax clearance certificates of your employees.

We will attend to Tax Auditors from the State and Federal Tax authorities and process your company’s Tax Audit Inspection Clearance Certificate yearly.

Olajide and Associates will attend to all letters from State and Federal Tax Authorities and liaising with The Government on all Expatriate Tax issues. We will follow up on remittances of tax payments to State tax offices and obtaining tax receipts and all necessary documentations.

We will file all necessary random, monthly and annual returns in respect of PAYE and procuring all necessary documentations for your company.

Our personal tax services also include:

-Self assessment tax returns and computations of liability.

-Tax advice on retirement.

-Tax advice relating to investments

- Capital Gain and Capital Transfer tax advices

We take advantage of the provisions of relevant tax laws to assist clients to plan their payroll for PAYE and NSITF and other statutory deductions.

Olajide and Associates also prepare the monthly payroll of its client’s local and expatriate staff to ascertain monthly tax deduction, total emoluments and net monthly payroll of the employees.


OLAJIDE AND ASSOCIATES is a member of BNI and a registered member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and Chartered Institute Of Taxation Of Nigeria


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