Recruitment Support Services
Tuesday,17th September, 2019. 10:58:07pm

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Recruitment Support Services

OLAJIDE AND ASSOCIATES  is the number one firm  recruitment support services through its JOB PORTAL developed since 2003. The application is downloadable on android phones and guarantee employers access to thousand of applications within minutes from our applicant data.

Management teams of the future will need to be rounded business people, capable of operating and working together in an ever-changing global environment while maintaining a strong focus on local markets. 

Welcome to Olajide And Associates Recruitment support services, your strategic outsourcing partner focused on advancing your business goals. We have comprehensive and thorough procedures for finding the right people for the right jobs. We provide a specialized service using our expertise and proprietary tools in the identification, assessment and selection of qualitative professionals.

Our process begins right from the development of the job descriptions until the candidate has been placed.

Our services include:

Bulk Recruitment:
Used for testing and selecting from a large pool of candidates, usually responses from media adverts

Recruitment method that proactively seeks out experienced candidates and interest them in the position on offer.

Usually for top management.

Executive Selection:
Based on the ability to attract the best candidate based on specialist industry knowledge, vigorous and proactive research as well as integrity and utmost confidentiality.

Assessment Centres:
A combination of activities such as leaderless discussions, interviews, coaching exercises, in-tray exercises, presentations and psychometric tests. The activities are carefully chosen such that a group of individuals can be assessed against a set of competencies judged to be of critical value in the organization and specific to the position.
Assessment centre exercises are designed to measure dimensions such as:
- Ability to handle stress
- Communication skills
- Problem solving
- Sensitivity
- Decision-making
- Creativity

We take full responsibility for the attraction, selection and retention of your company's employees.

Payroll Management:

Our Payroll Management Services is geared towards relieving our clients of month-end payroll preparation and computation of tax liabilities of its employees.

We also carry out


OLAJIDE AND ASSOCIATES is a member of BNI and a registered member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and Chartered Institute Of Taxation Of Nigeria


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